A Catholic in Little India

July 13, 2009

A Catholic in Little India
My experiences in a Sikh gurdwara


Southall reminded me of Belfast. A layer of grime seemed to have descended over the London suburb. A gray train station met gray damp streets that met gray buildings under a hazy gray sky. Home to the largest Sikh community outside India, Southall had earned the nickname Little India.

The people looked tired and subdued. Shop owners silently watched as people walked by. The older members of the community cast their eyes upon us, skeptical of the 11 pale American students as we walked down the street with cameras and notepads in hand. Read the rest of this entry »


Reevaluated Skepticism

June 18, 2009


To an American, the turban carries a bold yet subliminal message. Images of airplanes, tall towers, ash and debris are stark in my mind. CNN gave our country a new enemy the day Osama bin-Laden’s face appeared on TV sets. His recognizable turban, beard and tanned complexion became a rallying cry for American patriotism. So when I met Suhkpreet Singh, something within me was startled by his warm smile and overwhelmingly friendly demeanor. Read the rest of this entry »