In Search of Truth

July 14, 2009


Click here for Elle Walls’ print story.


Reflection on Writing About Faith and Friction

July 2, 2009


Journalism is not the best way to tell stories about faith and friction. To me, the most complex topic to write about is religion, as there is no way to pinpoint the exact truth of what someone believes in. Religion is not black and white; it isn’t even gray. To explain how someone feels is one thing, but to try and encompass all that they believe in is another. Read the rest of this entry »

The Real Price

June 22, 2009


Going to St. Bride’s Church in London made me realize that journalists are not just people stuck inside a computer typing away or even in an office protected by a cubicle. When I saw the memorial for fallen journalists, all I could think was that this could be one of us one day. Traveling with these wonderful journalists and getting to know them and some of their dreams, many of who will go abroad and cover conflict stories, is what made seeing this memorial real. Read the rest of this entry »

Churches Lose Tight Grip on Ireland’s Public School System

June 12, 2009


It’s 1:15 p.m. The final bell has just rung. About 200 boys and girls flood the hallways of an eight-classroom primary school, chattering so loudly you can barely hear your own voice. What seems to be a typical grade school scene is not. Not in Ireland, at least.

What takes place in the small school guarded by tall, black iron gates on Dublin’s Ballymun Road is considered by some a novel idea. But to others it’s the only alternative to a school system run by religious denominations. Read the rest of this entry »

Le Marais en Paris

June 9, 2009


Today we walked around an interesting part of Paris today called Le Marais. It is an area where the Jewish community and the gay community co-exist.

We tried to get a taste (literally) of the culture by eating some Israeli street food. I had a poulet (chicken) curry pita—a delicious little pita with chicken, radishes, lettuce, eggplant, carrots, cucumber, hummus and dressing on it. The pita was like a bowl, and I ate it with a fork while standing under an awning watching the rain fall. Dr. Bill bought us some Jewish pastries to try, and we each had a bite and picked our favorites. Read the rest of this entry »

Victory at Last!

June 8, 2009


Today I was abruptly woken up by Dr. Bill telling me my meet time was in an hour. My story was definitely not of quality on my first go, but with some very helpful tips from Carol (and thorough editing!), I figured my story out. I felt that it had a mind of its own and in essence wrote itself. I just had to set it straight. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting All the Elements

June 5, 2009


So far, so good! Our story is coming together really smoothly. We met Jack Horgan for an interview today at the Central Hotel in the city center. The library bar could not have been a more perfect place to film an interview about education because there was a bookcase with a seat near a window. Megan did a really good job getting the video element just right. 

It took us a while to find the 4a bus back to our hotel, but we got to explore the city a little more and spotted some trendy stores we’re going to take the girls to tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »