Kirtan … Say What?


Earlier this week we went to a Sikh temple, also known as a Gurdwara. While there, we enjoyed the singing of the hymns from the holy book—something called Kirtan. Other than being inspired by hearing it, the passion in the eyes of the musicians really made me want to capture it on film. Hence, one of my stories is a photo essay on Kirtan and the music of the Sikh religion.

Also, while at the Kirtan, we were guided to the Langer hall, where they served us d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s food. Let me just say curry, lentil soup and hands-down-the-best-tea-I’ve-ever-had make Lauren a happy camper.

Snaps to the people at the Gurdwara for their graciousness and patience with us taking endless photos and video while we were there. Snaps to the Kirtan players for vocalizing their connections to God. And snaps to the chefs in the kitchen for making some truly excellent food.


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