Back Story 2 — London


I am doing my last story I’ll every write in London. I am doing a photo feature with pictures and music to go along with it on St. Bride’s, also known as the Journalists or Printers Church.

I take the day off and head over to St. Bride’s on Fleet Street. I arrive and take a few pics of the church looking beautiful in the afternoon. I walk up to the front, and they are having a service. I am told its OK to walk around and take pictures as long as I am quiet, but I decide to come back later to make sure I get all the pictures I want without bothering anyone.

I come back around 6 and begin to take pictures. I notice that the church may be tiny, but it is most definitely charming. There are many placs all over the church dedicated to journalists. I get all the pictures I need and head back home to put my piece together.


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