Back Story 1 — London


In London we visited one of the most interesting places I have ever been—a Sikh temple, or Gudwara. As we walk up to the beautiful place of worship, I find myself a bit curious as to how this experience will unfold. I have never been to a Gudwara before!

We walk in and are told to take our shoes off and wrap a cloth around our heads before entering the Gudwara. We walk up a few stairs and found ourselves inside. There is a beautiful cloth on the ground leading to this magnificent Sikh altar.

I quietly sit down and observe practicing Sikhs kneeling, then sitting to pray. Suddenly,Sikh musicians, dressed in white, come out and sit down in the front. They begin playing music! It is very harmonic and mesmerizing, allowing you to become hypnotized.

I begin to ask questions of Sukhpreet Singh and others around me about music. I get plently of informati0n for my first print—and probably last :)—story I’ll write! I am excited to write this story because I love music. I believe that however music is listened to, it is wonderful!


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