Reporting on Religion in London


My final project was on how some of the journalists we met report on religion. Journalists from BBC and the Guardian told us how they report on religion and shared many of the obstacles they have to overcome every day. It was very interesting to hear their input.  I filmed while both speakers talked to us, and I also took pictures at both places to use as b-roll in my story.  

Unfortunately, for this project I did not have time to do a full-blown news package as I would have wanted. I made this one a little different and used still photos as b-roll and had long clips of the religion reporters who talked to us because I feel that they had a lot of important things to say. I would not have wanted to try to do another full news package like my Sikh project because it would not have been my best work because of the time constraints. I think the way I chose to do my final project is going to work out the best.


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