Volunteering in the Sikh Community


My project on volunteering in the Sikh community has been a lot of fun to work on. I had such great b-roll that editing was enjoyable, although it took me more than eight hours to complete.

The only trouble I had during the editing process was that some of the people are hard to understand because they do not speak English well. I had to figure out how to get the text over their sound bites. In some clips the black text was easier to read, but in others white was better. I wanted to stick with the same color throughout the package, so I had to assess which color would work the best for everything. I wish the text could be easier to read throughout the whole package, but I do not think it is possible.

Other than that, I am very happy with how this package came out.  I think it is a lot better than my first package from this trip.


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