Story on a Stick


My final Faith & Friction piece is a story that will combine elements of a profile piece on Terry Weldon, as well as a narrative dealing with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender Catholic masses in Soho.

Upon my arrival in London, given our demanding schedule, I had planned on taking advantage of our planned afternoon in the Sikh community and writing a story there. After doing a bit of research on the homosexual community in London, especially Soho, I found a couple of sizable differences from what you’d find in America (most notably, the red state of Arizona).

Then, just in the middle of conversation, Riazat Butt, the religious affairs correspondent at The Guardian, mentioned LGBT masses in London. So out of nowhere, I had what I believe I heard Dr. Bill refer to as a “story on a stick,” or a story that stands on its own. I take that to mean the topic is something so newsworthy for a particular audience that it will be timely and pertinent without any accompaniment.

I will be pleasantly surprised if things pan out that easily. After all, it wouldn’t be good journalism without a kink or two in the system.


One Response to Story on a Stick

  1. Dr Bill Silcock says:

    Bravo Sarah for recognizing the stick. Riazat’s insight at the Guardian did pop out. And kudos to you and Alex for tracking it down and with skill, talent and “a little bit of luck” (thank you Mary Poppins, we are in London after all) it turned out the very Sunday you went there was the very time of the month for the mass. You two really found an example of faith and friction. “So many voices, and none of them without significance.”

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