I finally completed my news package on the London Ravidassi Peace March. It took hours of editing, researching, recording and writing, but it’s finally done. It’s the first package on this trip that I’m proud of.

I had some trouble with it, but that can be expected. Turns out the interview I had with Robert Pigott, the religious affairs correspondent for the BBC, was never recorded on video—or at least the quote that I’m using of him. I do have a couple of shots of him, so I just used those to introduce him and then put the peace march footage over his voice. It’s not what I ‘d hoped for, but it doesn’t look too bad. I also don’t have a video interview with Piraph Bali, president of Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha of London, but that’s because of the time crunch. He was only available for a phone interview.

I’ve been trying to spread the news all over the place. I sent links to the video on YouTube from Facebook, Twitter and Demotix. Derek is helping by writing on a few Sikh blogs, and already we’ve seen some views. I got 19 views in just one hour, as well as a YouTube friend request from SikhWorldTV. I was pretty shocked to see the views I’ve already gotten on the video. It’s awesome.

I hope to get more views by the end of tonight and at least 100 views overall. I put a lot of work into this news package, and I like that it’s already paying off.


One Response to London.Sikh.Peace.March.2

  1. Dr Bill Silcock says:

    No Irish pride for your first effort from Dublin? 🙂
    The Peace March was a different TV news genre–spot news, coupled with explanation. Working under difficult conditions you nailed it Daryl. Now I can’t wait to see the piece on the Guduwara worship. The two are a nice tandem and speak to your growing talent as a broadcast reporter able to handle hard news or a feature on the road, editing on the fly and meeting deadline.

    Thanks also for having pride in your work — it shows in how you shoot, edit, and craft pictures so that it meets the standard of “one true sentence.”

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