Sikhism at Southall — Back Story


Megan and I were interested in writing our second story on a religious youth group in London. After a few days and several unanswered e-mails, we realized we needed a new idea. We thought about looking into religious restaurants or soup kitchens. That’s when we realized that on our trip with Sukhpreet to a Sikh community, there would be a free community kitchen.

After Sukhpreet gave us a short lecture about his religion and the area we were going to, the group took a train to a small city outside London called Southall. The Gurdwara (Sikh religious temple) was beautiful. There was a giant stained-glass window full of blues and oranges. In the room where they worship was a decorated gold-and-blue altar. As people came in, they walked to the altar and gave a donation, then knelt to touch the head to the ground as they bowed.

Downstairs was the langar, or dining hall. I personally was not a fan of the food, but the experience was great. We went in the kitchen (barefoot, by the way!) and interviewed some of the volunteers who prepared the meals. To find out more about the community service side of Sikhism, read my final story in a few days!


One Response to Sikhism at Southall — Back Story

  1. Dr Bill Silcock says:

    Can’t wait to read it Elle. You’ve done a nice balancing act with your writing — slipping out of the public relations approach into pure journalistic style isn’t always easy. You care about your work nd its shows!

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