From One Reporter to Another


Right now, I’m working on two stories. The one this blog is about is my solo project on what religion is meant to do in our lives.

Earlier this week, the group went to the BBC, had a tour and listened to many guest speakers. One of the speakers was Robert Pigott, a religious affairs correspondent. He spoke about how traditional news narrows the perspective on religion coverage and how, if religion is to be covered, it needs to be in a way where the reader/viewer has time to think. Basically, a 350-word story won’t cut it.

At one point during the lecture, Pigott spoke about one of the questions we must ask ourselves as journalists when covering religion in order to give context to the piece: What is religion meant to do in our lives?

I took this exact question and just got back from nearly two hours of reporting, person-on-the-street style. I got shot down a lot, but hopefully those who did speak with me will make it a comprehensive piece.


One Response to From One Reporter to Another

  1. Dr Bill Silcock says:

    So who shot you down? The Vox Pop of Londoners didn’t want to talk? There is an old rule of them that it takes 5 vox pop’s to get one that is usable. But when the right person, at the right moment, responds from the heart as well as the mind to your question – magic happens – truth is born and we as journalist’s have the delightful job to capture it. Your’re a great “truth teller” Lauren.

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