Sikhism — Volunteer Back Story


For one of my stories here in London, I wanted to do something with a youth or community service group. I wanted to shoot some footage, and Elle was going to write a piece. We researched a lot of churches and youth groups in the London area and sent out a number of e-mails asking if we could attend a youth group meeting or possibly a community service event and interview a few people who participated. After waiting three days for a response and not receiving any, we decided we needed to quickly come up with a new plan. Since we were already going to the Sikh community, we thought we should do a piece on the community kitchen there since that was the aspect we were interested in for our next story.

Before going to the Sikh community, I had been hoping for any footage and a few people who would not mind being interviewed on camera.  When we got there, Sukhpreet told us we could film all around.  I was very surprised that no one minded all of us filming and taking pictures of everything. I got more than enough good footage to make a nice package, and we were even able to go to the back of the kitchen to interview some of the volunteers. The most difficult part about this was there was a little language barrie, but even with that, all the volunteers were still willing to talk to us. I had a really great time gathering the footage for this story, and I can’t wait to start editing all the good b-roll.


2 Responses to Sikhism — Volunteer Back Story

  1. lkawam says:

    This story sounds like it’s going to be a nice read. I think it’s so cool how food cam bring people together almost as much as religion. Hopefully this story turns out beautifully. I always like when journalists such as yourself take two seemingly unrelated things (like food and God) and pull them together to relate them into one comprehensive story.

  2. Dr Bill Silcock says:

    There are many ways to break through language barriers Megan. Your work on this “foreign correspondents course” shows you have the ability to connect with people of a different gender, race, nationality, heritage, religion and age in such a way that you gain their trust. That is an important tool for any journalist to master and you’ve done it in record time under some unusual circumstances. I seriously doubt there is a story back in Phoenix you can’t conquer with the same confidence. You have a gift of organization and that is CRITICAL for any journalist.

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