Online Nerdiness Comes to Fruition


Actually, “online” nerdiness is probably too specific. General nerdiness is more accurate.

In the middle of our time in Dublin, I decided to follow a more encompassing idea for a story that would cover all three cities we visit. So to go along with religion, I’ve been taking pictures of various religious symbols everywhere we’ve gone. Pretty straightforward, but I really had a great time trying to perfect my exposure and make each picture as good as it could be.¬†Now I’m not even beginning to suggest that my shots are perfect, but it is refreshing to go back to the art aspect of photography after playing the tourist in a foreign country shooting on auto. After going through mountains of photos from the past three weeks, there were about 60 shots that were at least vaguely related to religion. Yikes. From the 60, I got down to 38 shots that I will use for my final story.

Yes, nearly 40 pictures makes for the world’s longest photo essay. But don’t worry, I will work my Internet geek powers to make it interesting in some way. Click here to take a peek at my shots.


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