Arranged Marriages


Yesterday we visited a Sikh temple, where Amanda and I met two women—one a Sikh and the other a Hindu. Initially, we weren’t sure what topic we wanted for our story. After about five minutes or so of interviewing, I decided to ask if either of them knew someone who had been in an arranged marriage. They responded with a few glances at each other, followed by laughs. Both are in an arranged marriage. And now we have a story.

At the temple we wore scarves to cover our heads and didn’t wear shoes. Some took photographs, while others filmed. I am putting the finishing touches on a picture slideshow for our story. My only struggle is finding a song that fits the project.

We also visited The Guardian today, where Riazat Butt, a religious reporter, spoke to us. At the end of her lecture Amanda asked her about arranged marriage. Surprisingly enough, Riazat Butt’s mother is trying to convince her to have an arranged marriage and will be looking into the process on Sunday.

Two things I did not expect to learn: 1. arranged marriages can be quite common and 2. arranged marriages are not always a bad thing.

I’m still unsure about my second story. All I know is I want to focus on secularism in the United Kingdom and how it compares with America. The UK is much more secular. And three speakers have mentioned the topic. I would like to include “person on the street” in the article, but I need to narrow down the topic. That is my focus for tomorrow.


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