Paris Report


As I walk along the drizzled streets, I feel I am so close to the culture, yet I can’t touch it. While I hear sounds of horns and voices in whispers at every corner, I’m swept away by the charismatic and whimiscal nature of this city—Paris, France.

The sidewalks of the city’s Jewish community are filled with synagogues and family businesses like L’As Du Fallafel. The Jewish culture was the first to dominate Le Marais, but it now shares its culture with the gay community. As a newcomer, I notice the gay influence. There are posters representing same sex and a restaurant named Open for You. Both Jews and gays coexist peacefully.

Usually, it might be hard to catch this combination, yet the strong religious and high-end fashion of Paris catch the observant wanderer’s eye.


One Response to Paris Report

  1. Dr Bill Silcock says:

    The fashion constrast were amazing — from the unique style of dress by the Jewish rabbi’s to the colored drenched high fashion clothes of the gay shops . Paris is surely diverse!

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