Le Marais

Jewish Community
Today we walked around Le Marais in Paris, where a gay community exists down the street from a Jewish community. I went with the photography group. Michael Sawyer, a freelance photographer, led the way. We snapped pictures of the two communities, which was difficult without a decent zoom lense. In America, you can take a picture of anyone in a public area. But that law doesn’t exist in Paris. You could tell that many felt uncomfortable having their picture taken. 

Down one street, men walked into the Jewish synagogue, while down another, gay couples dined at a restaurant. On one street you saw the Star of David. A short walk later we saw gay magazines for sale in a shop window.

It was fascinating to see the two groups co-exist. After taking pictures of the signs, symbols and the people who walked the streets, my camera battery died shortly before it started to rain.

Other highlights of the day included having a delicious meal at a restaurant in the Jewish community. I ordered the fallafel, stuffed with so many delicious flavors.

An hour later I was walking down a street when a man said something in French. He was caught off-guard when Alex responded. He insisted on having his photo taking with me as he linked his arm in mine. Then he disappeared down the street, speaking back at us in French, a huge smile across his face.


2 Responses to Le Marais

  1. Dr Bill Silcock says:

    Thanks for linking to Michael’s professional work!

  2. cschwalbe says:

    Good for you for including a link!

    You don’t need a big lens to photograph people. David Alan Harvey is one of National Geographic’s best street shooters. He makes himself “invisible” so he blends in. He does this by wearing unobtrusive clothing and shooting with a 50mm lens.

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