An Afternoon in Le Marais


Le Marais is a district in Paris noted for its Jewish and homosexual communities.

Though we’d hoped to see an intermingling of the two facets of this area, after walking the streets, it seemed that the groups just happened to be next to each other.

There were signs of a homosexual community in this section of Paris. Men walked the streets in pairs, and couples ate at outdoor cafés. I also saw a number of shops selling nothing but bright men’s underwear–something I’d never seen before.

After being warned that the French don’t take kindly to people snapping pictures of your face (there aren’t court decisions and laws protecting photographers here as there are in the States), I couldn’t bring myself to document these subtle hints of a homosexual community. We had to be quite inconspicuous about photographing (well, as inconspicous as English-speaking students with 200mm lenses can be).


2 Responses to An Afternoon in Le Marais

  1. Dr Bill Silcock says:

    You’ve captured some powerful pictures!

  2. cschwalbe says:

    You don’t need a big lens to shoot people pictures. David Alan Harvey is one of National Geographic’s best street shooters. He makes himself “invisible” so he blends in no matter where he is, even Latin America or the Middle East. He wears unobtrusive clothing and shoots with a 50mm lens. No camera bags, tripods or photo vests.

    Another technique is to sit at an outdoor cafe and watch the world go by. Or find a spot that will make a good photo and wait for someone to walk into your frame.

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