Victory at Last!


Today I was abruptly woken up by Dr. Bill telling me my meet time was in an hour. My story was definitely not of quality on my first go, but with some very helpful tips from Carol (and thorough editing!), I figured my story out. I felt that it had a mind of its own and in essence wrote itself. I just had to set it straight.

I got into the writing and dove into the story, relying on observations I had made while I was at the Ballymun Road School.

I’m really happy with where my story is right now, and Megan’s video package was looking really good at our final editorial meeting in Dublin.

I hope that the readers will enjoy this topic as much as I did and that it will read like a feature story and not a research paper.

I have enjoyed Dublin and am ready for the next stop on our trip.

PARIS, here I come!


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