Pardon the Technical Difficulties


If we had a dollar for every time we heard that phrase…. Oh, well, it’s depressing to think about, but the more technical aspect of reporting in a foreign country is something to be reckoned with, along with chaotic public transportation and the sad lack of a reliable phone number. Each student brought a slew of equipment from the Cronkite equipment lab—from Sony HD cameras, tripods and external hard drives to voice recorders, fancy SLR cameras and a laptop for nearly every person. 

Despite all the over-preparedness (and worries about overweight luggage), creating multimedia pieces on the go is not an easy thing to do. Certain cameras won’t import video to certain versions of iMovie, some programs export bigger video files than others, the Internet is touch-and-go in a country that remains a couple years behind the States in terms of inexepensive, reliable WI-FI access. There were more problems than I ever thought could crop up in a mere week of reporting.

Now yes, I know that countless generations have written stories and gotten the news out for years before the Internet, but especially with my story on an Irish Muslim who cast off her family’s strict Catholicism, having a visual to show the face of Summayah with her powerful words makes all the difference. Though the piece remains in a sort of technological purgatory, I really enjoyed putting it together. I hope that thanks to the Internet and lovely video capabilities, you as the viewer will get the same wonderful experience in watching as I had in the interview.


2 Responses to Pardon the Technical Difficulties

  1. azdez says:

    You guys so need me.

    The Lovely and Gracious Mrs. Dodge

  2. azdez says:

    If you need help email me and I should be able to help figure out how to fix things.

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