Abortion in Ireland: Part Three


Tonight we held our final meeting in Ireland and discussed our stories. I have to say I’m impressed by how well everyone has done with only a week to report in a foreign country. I’m also relieved to have finished the abortion story. Like Elle wrote in her second post, we experienced a bit of Murphy’s Law. Nothing new for me, considering my last name is Murphy and that law has played a major role in my life. But despite not being able to speak directly with someone who experienced an abortion, we were able to use that as a part of our story. In Ireland, abortion is a closed topic. We encountered many closed doors, literally, and dead-ends that symbolically represent the fact that abortion, for the most part, is a closed off topic.

On another note, yesterday I went with part of the group to Belfast, where Alex interviewed Full Court Peace, an organization that combines Catholics and Protestants on one basketball team. I also got to speak with some of the coaches and a player. The story was inspiring, especially after visiting the wall, or peace line, that to this day separates Catholics and Protestants. Religious conflict? I think so.


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