Abortion in Ireland 3


Everything finally came together! Even though the Catholic Church never called us back and we were unable to find where the Women’s Resource Center is currently located, we pulled out a great story.

I had my doubts about my slide show because Picasa had a lot of technical problems on my computer, and I didn’t think my photos and facts blended properly. But once I played around with the order and figured out the perfect mix of pictures and text pages. I made sure to keep the slides short and to the point. It leaves viewers wanting to know more, so they’ll be more excited to read our other part of the story.

I felt much better after we showed our projects to the group, and I got a lot of positive and helpful feedback. I had only a few easy things to sort out after the meeting. The timing of the slides was too fast for the time line slides, so I brought it down to 5.5 seconds. I wish that each slide could have a specific time, but Picasa only lets you set an overall time.

Even though I love writing and was a little upset I wasn’t writing a news feature, the slide show was good for me since I am a public relations major. Learning different ways to put visuals with my key message is always a good experience. What I created is much more interesting than a PowerPoint or fact sheet.

When we went around and shared our projects, I realized how amazing everyone has done with their project. I’m very proud of all of us for overcoming the obstacles we faced. Each of us wanted to pull out our hair at some point, but now that it’s over, we have a great blog to show everyone.


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