Educate Together #3


Ireland has been a lot of fun, but working on the Educate Together story was very difficult and stressful. I wish I’d had a lot more b-roll to work with, but filming the children at the school was out of the question. This made the school not a very visually rich target, but I worked with what I had.

Before the meeting when we shared our stories, I wasn’t aware that we were allowed to take royalty-free images from the Web to put in our stories. Once I found that out, it was a little easier to cover my voiceover. I also got some advice from other people about things I could add.

I have learned how difficult it is to report in a different country. Ireland is not as fast paced as America, and this made it more difficult when working on our story because we had so many time constraints. I learned a lot by doing this story, and I think I’ll be able to make the next one a lot better. For my next story I hope I’ll be able to do something that is more visually rich so I’ll have a lot of footage to work with.


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