Abortion in Ireland: Part Two


Elle and I completed our last interviews on Friday. We had no luck finding someone who had had an abortion. And contacting someone within the Catholic Church has proven to be difficult. First, a spokesperson said over the phone that all the information was on their Web site, but I needed to speak directly to a representative of the Catholic Church. After being put on hold and transfered to three other people, I landed a phone interview with a woman from Cura, a charitable organization that provides counseling for those with crisis pregnancies. The problem was that she could only represent Cura and not the Catholic Church. Still, the interview was helpful.

Next, we went and searched for the WRC (Women’s Resource Center), an organization whose sole purpose is to talk women out of having an abortion. After much walking, we found the address.At the location stood an empty building with an eviction notice on the outside window. The letters WRC were across the top. The Women’s Resource Center had changed its name, so we were looking for a title completely different and, for some reason or another, it did not register in my head that it was the correct location.

So we went to Dublin City University, where we interviewed a few students and later realized that the address we visited earlier was, in fact, the correct location for the Resource Center. So we ended the day by taking a bus and then walking back to snap a few pictures of the building.

Also, we received a response from a girl over Facebook who lived in Dublin and had a cousin who had had an abortion. While we didn’t get to speak to someone who has gone through the experience, we were able to use her as a source.


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