A Day With No Sun … Cheers!


Yesterday was Saturday, and it was supposed to be a free day. To me, a free day incites the following thoughts: Outside, not in the hotel, eating good food, talking with cool people, doing fun things, having a couple of beers (when in Dublin!) and letting things develop. Maybe seeing some interesting thing that I wouldn’t even think I could possibly see in the States, like the  Guinness factory, as I’d originally planned. Basically, not at all how “free” Saturday actually panned out in the end.

Please don’t take this post as a complaint-fest, because it is far from it. I’m here in Europe as a journalist, and I was doing my job by taking my free day and reporting instead. As the Latin saying goes, noblis oblige. That’s not to say that I’m a stuck-up reporter who thinks every source should lie down in front of me and wait until I get to them. But as the definition implies later in the page with the Marine example, I felt as if I would have let down the others here if I didn’t do my best work, and in order to do my best work, I had to stay in yesterday — all day — and work on it. I also would have let you — yes you, the reader — down by gallivanting around instead of solidifying my article.

On top of breathing no natural air yesterday, it rained, which was simply beautiful. Some of you may think it odd of me to be happy when it rains, but I was. I felt as if with every streaking raindrop I saw roll down my window, I was hurling along to the completion of my story. Now it’s done and hopefully good.

And  so to you, fellow journalists, news readers/watchers/clickers and avid word lovers such as myself, I say cheers! Cheers to being done with my first foreign story and cheers to you for keeping me in check, even if you didn’t lift a finger.


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