Buses, Prayer and Food, Oh My!


Yesterday, my reporting partner—Sarah—and I tried to navigate the Dublin city bus system. We were trying to get to the Islamic Cultural Centre in Dublin 14 from Dublin 4. The number after the city name is similar to U.S. ZIP codes. Going from 4 to 14 took about 40 minutes. It was sort of intimidating.

We asked one Irish woman where the stop was that we needed to get off, and she helped us. Another woman sitting behind us overheard our conversation and helped us find the Islamic Cultural Centre. Lastly, the bus driver was nice enough to enunciate when he announced our stop. He literally yelled, which is a lot more than the subway drivers do in New York City when they gargle over the loudspeaker.

We got to the center during one of the five daily prayers. The reading from the Qu’arn produced goose bumps. Sarah and I toured the center as the prayer was taking place. After we met our interviewee and spoke with her for one (1) hour!!!, we enjoyed a lunch of delicious and authentic Middle Eastern food at the on-site cafeteria.

The purpose of this entry is to illustrate the idea that when reporting in a foreign country, one must have faith that the story will work itself out if you put enough effort forth to receive something back. Sarah and I have also become experts at talking to Irish strangers and being vulnerable enough to ask them to point us in the right direction. So this entry is also meant to emphasize that the notion of “Ask and you shall receive” will work for almost everything.


One Response to Buses, Prayer and Food, Oh My!

  1. cschwalbe says:

    Good messages for us to keep in mind, Lauren! The more you give, the more you receive.

    No matter where you are, if you approach people with a smile and an open heart, they’ll respond in kind. Never be afraid to ask. If you don’t understand something during an interview, for example, ask the person to repeat to make sure you’ve captured the quote/information accurately.

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