Traveling for Abortions 2


Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong”

That sums up how I feel about the past couple days. A girl Facebook-messaged Kristyna saying she would talk about her view on abortion and how her cousin had an abortion. We we both so excited and thought we could do a profile on her and everything was going to be perfect again…. That was not the case. She never got back to us, and the only information we have is what she said in the first message.

Another frustration we encountered was the Catholic Church. They still have not called or emailed us back. It has been four days. When we finally got a hold of the number, our call was transferred so many times.

Yesterday we thought things were going to go smoothly, so we walked to the Women’s Resource Centre. It was a shut-down building. We had a blonde moment and thought we had the wrong place and left, only to find out the center had moved. So we went all the way to Dublin City University, then all the way back to the city just to get a picture! By the end of the day we were laughing about it, but at the time we both wanted to cry!


2 Responses to Traveling for Abortions 2

  1. cschwalbe says:

    Yes, Murphy is alive and well. Don’t get discouraged. Confronting challenges will make you a better reporter.

    You and Kristyna chose a difficult subject to report on in a Roman Catholic country. Be flexible. Have Plan B in your back pocket in case Plan A doesn’t work out.

  2. kristynamurphy says:

    Sorry about the whole Murphy Law thing. Story of my life. But we survived!

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