A Reporter’s Dream Interview


After our first day of questionable weather (we consider ourselves lucky to be basking in the sun as long as we have), I’m happy to report that the editing and compiling of my multimedia piece is just about finished. Lauren and I had a great experience at the Islamic Cultural Centre and Mosque. Friday is Islamic Holy Day. When we arrived at the packed parking lot, ethereal singing from the Qu’ran came over the loudspeakers.

After prayer hour, we met with Sister Summayah Kenna, who works at the Centre. As stereotypical as this is, with one look we knew she would have a great experience to share with us. She is visibly Irish, with red cheeks and piercing blue eyes. Her accent is a thick Irish brogue, yet she wears a hajib.

Summayah was brought up in a Roman Catholic family and remained devout to that faith until she was about 16. At that age, she discovered Islam and found a nearly unquenchable curiosity to learn more. In the midst of civil war and violent fighting in Ireland, all of which was intensified by religious undertones, she chose to follow her own path.


One Response to A Reporter’s Dream Interview

  1. cschwalbe says:

    Hard work—and maybe a little Irish luck—led you to the source you were looking for. What does Summayah’s story reveal about the friction between Catholics and Muslims in Ireland?

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