Our Comedy of Errors


It doesn’t seem very funny right now. Although I’m sure I’ll laugh later.

Right now, Belfast is in the air. We didn’t book our train tickets earlier, and so all the cheap seats are full…unless we want to pay 71 euros. No thanks. We spent a long time tonight trying to get in contact with people and had no luck.

If we don’t get to Belfast tomorrow, I don’t have a story.

But if we do get up there, my interview with Dave Cullen and players and coaches for Full Court Peace will be at 1. Then at some point we will hop in a black taxi, which will take us on a conflict tour of the fighting spots in Belfast. I think I’m most excited to see the walls that separate Catholic neighborhoods from the Protestant ones. It was a temporary solution that has become permanent. Outlasting the Berlin Wall, these barriers have grown tremendously in the past two decades and show no signs of coming down. The gates still close at night, monitoring traffic in and out.

Our decision is to just go to sleep and wait it out until tomorrow. We’ll be heading to the train station at 8 a.m. to see what we can figure out. Ideally, I think, we would take the bus up and the train back. I’ll sleep with my fingers crossed tonight.


One Response to Our Comedy of Errors

  1. cschwalbe says:

    Quite often when you travel, things that seem horrible at the time become funny in retrospect, especially with each retelling of the tale.

    It will be interesting to compare what we experience in Belfast with the perspectives we’ve heard here in Dublin. Is religion only a badge in the north?

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