Hitting the Ground Running


Once dropped in Ireland, I teamed up with Megan to explore how the education system works here. Unlike in the States, Ireland’s schools are funded by the country and run by different churches/denominations. Traditionally, children would go to either a Catholic school or a Protestant school.

We posed the question, “Where do you go if you’re not either one of those religions?” Seeking answers, we did some research.

We found that since the influx of non-Christians (predominantly Muslim and some Jewish), issues started to arise. Parents sought an alternative to church-run schools where their children could learn with children of all denominations.

We came across schools in our research that operate under the umbrella Educate Together. We bounced this idea off one of our guest speakers, John Horgan, who had experience writing about education in Ireland. It turns out he was one of the parents who helped to get these schools off the ground.

Then we found out there was an Educate Together school just across the street from Dublin City University (lucky!) and hurried over to talk to someone there. After getting lost and traveling in the wrong direction twice (going about 2 miles out of the way), we found it. It is good to note that everyone we asked had no idea what we were talking about and didn’t even know that such a school existed.

We set up an interview with the principal of the school, who told us Horgan’s children went there. We then contacted him, and he put us through to his son Jack (now 22), whom we will interview on Friday.

All in all, sources are coming to us easily, and everyone seems willing to help us. We plan on doing a video and text package.


One Response to Hitting the Ground Running

  1. AMANDA says:


    I’m amazed at how little we know about foriegn countries education system. We take thibgs for granted here. Thanks for educating us…
    Good luck on building your story.

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