Foreign Connections


The title of this post might seem like a shady Craigslist page, so go ahead and have a chuckle. But also be advised that it is indeed a reflection on the willingness to help from one student to another in a time of need.

The first day at Dublin City University, I experienced the kindness of another foreigner. I didn’t even stop to get his name because I was on roll, just going and going, but he did share with me contact information for a person who would be great to speak with for my story. After helping me without any prompt from me at all, we engaged in a conversation.

I learned that he was from Tanzania, studying politics at the university and his dream job was to be a teacher or some sort of public figure. I ask everyone what their dream job would be, and as he spoke, I listened intently. He was a kind man and really made an impact on me for the 3 minutes we spoke.

This opened me up to being more comfortable when engaging with other foreigners, including those pertinent to my story: Muslims. I went on today to speak with a Syrian student who heads up the Islamic club at DCU, and found that the graciousness with which the man from Tanzania had toward me was echoed in my interactions with the Syrian man.

Can’t promise that I will mirror such compassion with the not-s0-nice cab driver at 3 a.m., but let’s keep our fingers crossed!


One Response to Foreign Connections

  1. Laura says:

    This seems super exciting! I love cultural experiences hope you are embracing every moment of them! You’re articles sound great too. Best of luck!

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