Educate Together #1


I teamed up with Amanda when we got to Dublin, and we decided to do a story on the school systems in Ireland. After doing a lot of research about the schools, we found a group of schools called Educate Together. These schools allow children of all religions to attend and don’t discriminate against any race. We thought this would be a great topic since most of the schools in Ireland are Catholic or Protestant schools.

After our lectures at Dublin City University, we found out about an Educate Together school down the street, so we decided to walk over there and talk to someone. Along the way we got lost and walked all around trying to find the school. After asking several people where the school was located, we finally found it.

When we got there, we were given information about the school and set up an interview the next day with the school’s principal. We also found out that one of our guest speakers, John Horgan, has a son who attended an Educate Together school, so we e-mailed Jack Horgan to set up an interview with him as well.

Today we went back to the Educate Together school and shot an interview with the principal. She said a lot of useful information and provided us with a wonderful interview. We also filmed some B-roll around the school, although we weren’t allowed to film any children. We also walked down the street and shot the outside of a Catholic school to use for comparison.

Our project is coming along very nicely, and we’re planning to edit the footage we got today. We have an interview set up with Jack Horgan on Friday.


One Response to Educate Together #1

  1. cschwalbe says:

    Hi Megan!

    Despite getting lost, your legwork (literally) paid off. Not having cars will make us appreciate how much easier it is to report in the States in many ways.

    Good sleuthing!

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