Abortion in Ireland: Part One


Elle and I have begun our research on abortion in Ireland. While the subject is controversial in the United States, it is rarely discussed here in Ireland, making the subject extremely sensitive. Our story is focusing on Irish women who have traveled to the UK to have an abortion.

So far, we have tried calling several organizations that offer counseling for those women who have already had an abortion. Other organizations just discuss the options that women can take when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. From what I have researched, it is difficult to access this information unless the woman goes through one of these organizations, where they educate her on her options. We have already contacted several places in hopes of somehow being able to put a face to the story by finding someone who either has, or is considering, going to the UK to have an abortion. It was no surprise that these organizations couldn’t release any names—that was to be expected—but they also cannot call women who have received counseling to ask them if they would like to share their story with us.

Desperate, I found a Facebook group that wants pro-choice in Ireland. I went through the group’s members and directly messaged those from Ireland. So far, a few have responded, but it is a major struggle to find someone who has had an abortion or will speak to us.

Today we have an interview with IFPA, a charitable organization that provides health services forwomen, such as post-abortion medical checkups. And I am also planning to contact the Roman Catholic Church to conduct a phone interview.


One Response to Abortion in Ireland: Part One

  1. cschwalbe says:

    You and Elle are tackling a difficult subject, especially here in Ireland. I hope the luck of the Irish helps you find someone to interview. I like the way you and others are using Facebook and Twitter as a reporting tool.

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