A Lesson in Lofty Expectations


I would be lying my socks off if I told you that reporting in an entirely new country didn’t have me a little worried. I’ve had a couple opportunities to travel in Europe in the past, so I wasn’t really as concerned about the culture shock that more or less incapacitates virgins to foreign traveling. Still, having at least some shred of an idea as to the differences between America and, well, everywhere else had left me feeling extremely apprehensive about writing stories in a new country.

Fortunately, Ireland and its wonderful people proved me wrong. Lauren and I are hoping to tackle the subject of interfaith marriages in Ireland, more specifically, marriages that involve Muslims and Christians. Not only were there helpful resources on the Internet, but with the help of friendly compatriots as well, we may have an interview lined up tomorrow with a very understanding man at Ireland’s Islamic Cultural Centre. Doing a story like this really brings my prior concepts of culture shock to a new level. I never would’ve expected to be in Ireland writing about Protestants and Muslims from an American perspective.

More updates on how Irish Muslims react to a couple of female reporters in the next few days. It should be interesting—and most certainly unexpected!


One Response to A Lesson in Lofty Expectations

  1. cschwalbe says:

    Hi Sarah!

    It’s natural to feel apprehensive about new things, especially the challenges of reporting in unfamiliar territory. Ireland is a wonderful place to start your foreign reporting. As you discovered, just talking to people can yield huge dividends.


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